User Independence

Business users can create new reports as needed or modify existing reports on a NO-CODE basis.

Get the Information You Need When You Need It

Information needs of key business users can change on an ad-hoc basis several times a day. Avoiding the classic “merry-go-round” process of asking IT for a report, getting something “close-but,” returning to IT and so on is imperative for turning raw data into valuable and timely information.

Most generic BI platforms require users to go to IT when they need information. InsFocus BI reporting & analytic platform is designed so that business users can independently create sophisticated reports based on pre-existing building blocks and get the information they need NOW!

Create ad-hoc reports on the fly

Self Service

Using pre-built building blocks, InsFocus empowers business users with the ability to create their reports on-the-fly from scratch. With built-in insurance business analytic features, you can analyze data, filter out unwanted noise, and hone in on the target information.

All this is achieved without the user having to write a single line of code.

Foster data-driven decision making

Data-Driven Decisions

For the first time, an insurance-dedicated solution that curates your data and analyzes it correctly. InsFocus analyzes and presents your data taking into consideration well-known time-related characteristics of insurance data to give business userswell-structured information to base their decisions.

Reduce repetitive chores with report automation

Automate Reports and Processes

InsFocus provides enhancements that enable any business user to automate and reduce repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity. Run reports with a built-in scheduler, use Excel connectors to connect multiple reports into a single Excel model that can be refreshed with a single click or add a  workflow add-on to run hundreds of reports at the end of the quarter.