Augmenting Tools

Set of tools enabling wide use cases

Using this suite, an enterprise can build a complex operational processes on top of the data warehouse, including sales person commissions, marketing campaigns, periodic data snapshots, wide audience publish of data to 3rd party systems.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Based on Microsoft SSIS, a data integration platform built specifically for data warehousing. Automatically handles full/incremental loads with historical data updates, row & table validations, and complex data integration scenarios.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)


Allows running analytic-based operations in a batch, while integrating with InsFocus. Operations include running InsFocus reports and saving results to a database, uploading to FTP, sending by e-mail, or saving to Excel.

Data Management

Supported by advanced permission mechanisms bound to data-level or user and table level coupled with rich user editing experience, business users can participate in business processes requiring manual data feed or audit.

Data ManagementData Management


Publishes results from InsFocus to external recipients, allowing customizable PDF letters by e-mail or vault, SMS sending, batch & scheduled sending, and customization by end-users.

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