Complete Insurance model

Includes 400 metrics & 200 report templates: sales, claims, underwriting, reinsurance, financial, actuarial & operations.

Get Market - Proven Insurance Model

InsFocus BI's insurance model is based on its founders’ 20 years of real-life insurance company experience coupled with deep understanding of data-warehouse and data processing principles.

The model addresses the particular structures of insurance data and is optimized to enable fast querying of data and performance of the calculations needed to provide meaningful information to all insurance company professionals in all departments.

InsFocus business-intelligence model includes the data-warehouse model, 400 insurance metrics & KPIs, 200 report templates, over 60 data transformation scripts and numerous data solutions to common insurance processes based on close to 20 years’ real-life practice.

Customize InsFocus model to fit your insurance business

Customize InsFocus Model

Adapt the proven InsFocus model to your business specifications in months rather than build your DW from scratch.

Our model serves personal lines and commercial lines insurers, agri-insurers, Lloyds’ cover-holders, and market substandard risk pools.

Perfect for business practices and regulations of different territories such as Israel, Europe, and Asia.

Cover analytic requirements of all insurance company departments

Your Analytic Requirements are Covered

InsFocus covers all insurance professionals' analytic and reporting requirements, from sales monitoring to renewal analysis, from claims activity to reserve run-off analysis.

Profitability metrics are available to management on a gross basis, or net of reinsurance and claims development triangles are ready for actuarial analysis.

Integration to multiple source systems

Integration to Data Sources

InsFocus has accumulated experience in integrating diverse insurance core systems, including modern and legacy, from different vendors in Israel, India, Spain, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Malta, and the Netherlands.

InsFocus has also integrated data from CRM systems, claims workflow systems, external (web) sources, and more financial systems.