Analytics and Reporting

Agile IT Free Analytics and Reporting Business Intelligence Platform

A reporting and analytics BI-suite built for the insurance vertical combining no-code ad-hoc querying ability with enterprise reporting capabilities and flexible dashboards.

Enhance BI Productivity With Information Availability

The ability of business users to create their own reports from scratch and easily adapt existing reports to reflect new content is a key factor leading to enhanced business intelligence productivity. Business people can have information when they want it, saving time and resources and encouraging people's productivity.

Enhance BI Productivity With Information AvailabilityEnhance BI Productivity With Information Availability
Free Data ExplorationFree Data Exploration

Free Data Exploration

InsFocus' ability to freely drill-down and drill-through to any level, without the need to pre-define "drill-down path" is the key for business users to unlock the reasons behind data and shed light on cause and effect. Having such capability at their fingertips empowers insurance professionals with correctly analyzed information for their business decisions.

Insurance Analytic Features

InsFocus built-in insurance analytic features provide a solid base for domain-specific reporting and analytics.

Time bases

Handle the complexity of insurance time inter-relations like Revenue-based reporting compared to Inception based or Pro-Rata based reporting.

Risk factors

Risk factors mechanism contains hundreds of product-specific attributes in a single robust unified data structure, avoiding the need to define separate "data marts" for different product lines.

Claim status

Claim status filter facilitates analysis of claims by their operational status and sheds light on reserve sufficiency (claim reserves run-off).

Triangulation mechanism

An essential tool for actuarial departments to analyze claim development and calculate IBNR reserves.

Insurance Analytic FeaturesInsurance Analytic Features
Data Access Control and CollaborationData Access Control and Collaboration

Data Access Control and Collaboration

The system provides administrators with the ability to control user information access based on their roles in the organization. Access control is based on Hierarchy, Type of information, and Business Domain. Reports library supports private reports library, departmental libraries, and company-wide libraries. Users can also share reports quickly with a single click.

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