Integration to Data Sources

Structured Methodology for Integrating Insurance Core Systems’ Data

InsFocus Structured data-integration Methodology is based on over 15 years' experience integrating diverse core insurance systems' data into the InsFocus DW model. InsFocus Insurance DW Model serves as the foundation with different core systems' data being mapped to it.

Data Warehouse Model

Covering numerous insurance data situations like multi-risk and multi-location policies, endorsements, cancellations, and retroactive cancellations, InsFocus insurance data-warehouse model serves as the common denominator for multiple diverse core insurance systems.

Data Warehouse ModelData Warehouse Model
Dozens of Data Transformation ScriptsDozens of Data Transformation Scripts

Dozens of Data Transformation Scripts

Based on experience gained in projects integrating diverse insurance core systems, InsFocus has built a library with dozens of data integration scripts addressing the data complexities of core insurance systems.

Modular Project Methodology

Data integration projects are broken down into discrete phases, each one producing a set of deliverables covering an insurance business domain (Policies, Claims, Reinsurance, etc.). Such methodology guarantees a steady and predictable project process with each phase delivered in a few months.

Modular Project Methodology Modular Project Methodology
Integrating InsFocus to Existing DWIntegrating InsFocus to Existing DW

Integrating InsFocus to Existing DW

For companies who have already invested considerable time and effort into building the enterprise DW, InsFocus can be configured to run over their existing DW. The integration process involves adapting the scripts and report calculation templates to the existing DW or building a sub-set optimized DW for faster queries.

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