Insurance Expert System

Insurance BI expert system built for insurance professionals.

Designed by Insurance Experts for Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals built InsFocus BI specifically for insurance data warehousing, reporting, and analytics.  Software functionalities built into InsFocus BI are based on founders’ practical executive experience in the domain and years of users’ feedback and requests.

The domain expertise built into the business-intelligence software system enables InsFocus to quickly address clients’ day-to-day change requests, market requirements, and adaptation to regulatory requirements.

a proven platform built to address insurance information needs

15 Years Delivering Insurance Analytics

In years of delivering reporting and analytic solutions to insurance clients, InsFocus developed software features and data solutions to answer their requirements and ideas. It is the main advantage of using InsFocus as an insurance company’s analytic platform.

Empower your company’s professionals with InsFocus targeted software tools

Insurance Specific Features

InsFocus unique advantage is providing insurance analytic features on top of regular reporting functionalities. The system supports out-of-the-box reserve calculations, separation of time-dependent metrics, claims reserves analysis, risk profiling, claims development triangulations. Supporting analysts, actuaries, and executives in making information-based decisions.

Get your models right with a Predictable and structured project methodology

Structured Project Methodology

While many analytic and reporting projects in the insurance domain do not deliver expected results, InsFocus’s structured project methodology ensures you get your results right the first time.

Insfocus breaks projects into short phases of 3-4 months each, where deliverables are ready after the completion of each stage.