On this occasion, we want to share the creative report made by Sammy, sales manager, of one of our clients.

What is interesting in this case is not the report itself, but rather the use-case and the creativity of business users when they have the ability to create reports independently.

After you read how Sammy’s report is done, I challenge you to do it in your company, but without the help of the IT department.

In June 2021 Sammy had the idea to create a list of auto insurance policies that were not renewed the year before, in July 2020. Sammy knew that in general policyholders renew their policies on the same dates year after year, except if they sell or change their car. He then prepared a list with the insured’s name, phone number and car model and sent each of the insurance agents the list of his former clients with an offer to recover them. By this means, Sammy managed to recover more than 30% of the insured. Since then, every month, the system automatically sends a list of the policies that were not renewed a year back to the insurance agents (11 months actually to have time to contact them) in an effort to win back customers.

Here you can see what the list looks like: