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The InsFocus Insurance Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

InsFocus BI is an insurance-specific business intelligence suite delivering unparalleled value to insurance professionals at cost-effective prices.

Leveraging decades of insurance industry experience with business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing expertise, InsFocus delivers clear, focused information to all insurance company domains, including marketing, underwriting, claims, reinsurance, actuarial, risk and financial management.

Used daily by insurance professionals all over the world, InsFocus delivers advanced analytic capabilities that help property & casualty insurance carriers  analyze their portfolios, improve underwriting results,  control their sales channels , monitor claims reserves leading to improved profitability and reduced risks.

InsFocus’ team of BI experts has extensive experience in implementing business intelligence projects at insurance companies. Based on the unique pre-built insurance data warehouse model, InsFocus’ team quickly and dependably delivers enterprise scale insurance BI projects.

Insurance KPIs
Out-of-the-box report templates
Lower TCO
Months up and running

InsFocus Unique Solution

InsFocus Solution Highlights

  • Out-of-the-box insurance functionality
  • True self-service BI, built for business users
  • Pre-built P&C data model, tested and optimized for insurance data
  • Hundreds of insurance KPIs, dimensions, risk factors and sample reports
  • Robust infrastructure including modern technologies and advanced security
  • A comprehensive solution that includes ETL, data model, reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Clear business benefits via improved business performance and enhanced operational reporting
  • Unlimited drill-down and drill-through capabilities for highly advanced analysis
  • Built-in support for claim triangulation and extrapolation

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Hachshara Insurance

“We chose InsFocus after thoroughly checking a few BI systems… InsFocus helped us in the actuarial analysis department to develop a practical working tool for managing underwriting and sales profitability.”

Middlesea Mapfre

“InsFocus competitive advantage lies in its understanding of core insurance and reinsurance concepts and the merging of technology with these concepts.”


“InsFocus BI had been tested and found to be the most suitable system for handling our company’s needs at Bituach Haklai, both today and in the future to come.”

Omer Rakover
Chief Actuary

Bernard Fenech
Chief Officer IT

Arie Herman

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