InsFocus Plus adds powerful BI tailored to your business.

Join our partners and enjoy a comprehensive BI solution for your clients. Get BI without compromise.

Give Your Software a Competitive Advantage

InsFocus Plus is a BI add-on suite for business software. It is a comprehensive business intelligence application that integrates into browser-based and client-server systems.

User independence

Your users will be able to independently create their own views and reports and analyze data without requiring IT assistance.

Expert design

Take advantage of our expertise in designing and implementing BI solutions.

Easy maintenance

Full-scale BI but also easy to maintain. InsFocus BI is powerful BI engine with a rich set of analytical functions, provided within a lightweight, easy-to-maintain framework.

Low risk

We do the implementation so you don't need to set up a BI project team.

Enhance your product

Raise your value proposition by giving your clients the power of analytics and reporting.

Seamless Integration

InsFocus BI integrates cleanly into your product.

Why InsFocus Plus is Great for Software Providers

InsFocus Plus adds powerful BI functionality without requiring any expertise in BI technology, data warehouse modeling or systems integration, because we provide all that in our unique offering.

InsFocus Plus interfaces with your application database (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server and others) to extract the data and build it into an optimized relational data warehouse model. InsFocus Plus is a powerful independent information system which we tailor to your application so your customers can access and analyze their information on your system.

InsFocus Plus gives you a fast and comprehensive BI solution from which you can please your existing customers and immediately start attracting new ones, without diverting any of your development resources away from their current activities. InsFocus will give your product significant added value as you compete for business against other providers in the market.

Once you have connected up with InsFocus Plus, your application will be empowered with BI capabilities and your users will enjoy all new BI enhancements as we roll them out into production.

Low Risk

If you are a vendor, we execute all the integration and design and work for you on a revenue sharing basis. You continue to use your own development resources to develop your core competency, while we take care of your product's BI capability.

To read more about our unique business model, see InsFocus Plus Business Model.

Why Your Users Will Love InsFocus Plus

We tailor InsFocus Plus into your application business process and database, so it represents the logic of your system to your users. They are then totally independent to create their own views, reports, aggregates, graphs and dashboards through an easy interface designed for non-technical users.

Discover how easily you can add a sophisticated BI module to your application. Talk to our team and hear for yourself how you can be up and running in no time. Contact us today.

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