The InsFocus Advantage for Insurance Companies

 Download case study PDF “Whereas a regular insurance DW project takes a company’s data and business processes and creates a specific model based on them, an InsFocus DW project maps the company’s data and business processes into the product’s model adjusting definitions where needed.” (Don Canning, Microsoft’s director of insurance for its worldwide financial services [...]

Business Intelligence, mitos y realidades

Written by Sebastian Visotsky, Published in estrategas del seguro y la banca. La historia oficial adjudica a los ejecutivos de IBM el acuñado de este término para describir el proceso por el cual se transforman los datos brutos en una herramienta para la toma de decisiones. La historia que me gusta a mi puede que [...]

Case Study – InsFocus-TIA Integration

 Download case study PDF InsFocus and its partners, iTree (Lithuania) and NCDC (Denmark), have integrated TIA leading core insurance system with InsFocus’ integrated data warehouse model, effectively allowing any insurer using the TIA system to perform analysis and get key insights on their data using the InsFocus BI platform. The integration covered the basic aspects [...]

Case Study – InsFocus Performance Benchmarks

 Download case study PDF During the week of December 2nd 2012, performance benchmarks were carried out to demonstrate the scalability of InsFocus BI’s insurance optimized data warehouse model on Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Tests were carried out in MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) in Bangalore, India, by a team of professionals from InsFocus Systems (Israel), Nous [...]

Case Study – BI Solution for Shlomo Insurance Company

“InsFocus software is a friendly and dynamic BI tool. We managed to implement InsFocus on Shlomo Insurance Company in a very short period of time and with great success.” Sebastian Visotsky, CRO & Economic Department Manager, Shlomo Insurance  Download case study PDF  The Challenge Shlomo Insurance company selected a legacy policy administration system from a [...]

Business Intelligence in Insurance

Written by Hanan Taiber, CTO, and Uri Taiber, CEO, InsFocus Systems About Business Intellignce in insurance So what sets insurance business intelligence apart from any other vertical? I believe the answer lies in the complexity of the data modeling, on one hand, and the relatively small data sizes, on the other. Insurance data tends to [...]

The need for business analytics at insurance companies

Written by Uri Taiber, CEO, InsFocus Systems All insurance companies have IT systems which they use to issue policies, manage claims, and other internal processes. Intuitively insurance executives and professionals know they must have “reports” to manage their business however that understanding is not formalized. In this short article I will highlight the reasons insurance [...]

Control Your TBlox Managed Business Activities

Having dozens of pre-defined report templates, measurements, dimensions and key performance indicators (KPIs), it provides an "instant focus" of an enterprise's purchasing and inventory processes managed via TBlox. InsFocus BI TBlox-Connected System is highly intuitive and easy-to-use, giving managers and staff the ability to focus instantly on information they want: Amounts ordered [...]